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Portrait Miniatures

The work in this category relates specifically to the historical tradition of portrait miniature painting. Eye miniatures, jewelry containing miniatures, and miniature cases that were worn close to the body served as intimate reminders of one’s loved ones. The height of the genre’s popularity stretched from the late 18th to mid 19th centuries, when the invention of photography caused its obsolescence. Please see “links” for more historical information.


Family Tree

Family Tree, 2008 Oil on copper, sterling silver, chain, watch crystals 24” x 48” Family Tree diagrams a genealogical chart in profile portraits. The subject is my daughter, Rosamund Berdann, at age 12, and includes the two generations before her. As her family tree grows,...

Beauty Reincarnated

Beauty Reincarnated, 1991 Oil on copper, boxes, engraved brass, table 28” x 30” x 18” Beauty Reincarnated uses as its inspiration a 19th century self-portrait miniature by Sarah Goodridge. This miniature, titled Beauty Revealed, was apparently given as a gift to Goodridge’s secret lover, Daniel...

Meat Pendant

Meat Pendant, 2005 Oil on copper, sterling silver, watch crystal 1-½” x 1-¾”