Elizabeth Berdann | Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

The work in this category reflects on the genre of portraiture. Although evoking our collective analog past (particularly through traditional media), these works discuss our technological present. Symbols become substitutes for facial features. An overabundance of facial expressions creates a frustrated response. A conflict develops between our public and private lives. Communication is obstructed rather than clarified.


The Emotions, or…

The Emotions, or The Physiognomical Structures of Expression/A Visual Examination in Miniature/of the/Conformation of the Features/In Relation To/The Passions of the Mind./Performed, and Precisely Rendered/In 80 Watercolour Self-Portraits/By the Artist,/Geometrically Arranged For The Viewer/so as to/Encourage Comparison and Reflection./An Original Work of Art/Inspired By Various...


Emoticons, 2008 Oil on steel 12 pieces, each 6” diameter Dimensions variable

Artist Emotes

Artist Emotes, 1992 Oil on copper, wood, wire, glass, plaster 18” x 174” x 6”; each painting 3/4” x 3/4”