Elizabeth Berdann | Body Language

Body Language

All of the work in Body Language was created between 1988 and 1995. These paintings and painting/installations isolate body imagery and pose questions about the nature of gender, love, beauty and American culture at the end of the 20th century.


30 of My Worst Features

30 of My Worst Features, 1992 Oil on metal, engraved brass, jewelry findings 31” x 42” Among the 30 features depicted are: Photo #2: Cellulite Photo #3: No Cleavage Photo #4: Fillings in Teeth Photo #5: Hairy Mole on Right Arm Photo#6: Spider Veins Photo...

The Wall of Tongues

The Wall of Tongues, 1990 Oil on copper 120” x 96” This 31-piece work has a flexible installation, which can be fitted to any particular space.

Many Navels Hung at Approximately Navel Height

Many Navels Hung at Approximately Navel Height, 1990 Oil on copper 2-½” x 144” This 31-piece work has a flexible installation, which can be fitted to any particular space. The title of the piece changes with each different installation, for example, Many Navels Surrounding a...

Thirteen Terrors

Thirteen Terrors, 1992 Oil on brass and copper, engraved brass, jewelry findings 82” x 4” See also DRAWINGS>1988-1993>Thirteen Terrors.

True Love

True Love, 1994 Oil on copper, steel chain, jewelry findings 75” x 71” Photo #3 is a still from the Woody Allen film Mighty Aphrodite (1995). Helena Bonham Carter and Peter Weller kiss in front of  True Love.

Male Muse

Male Muse, 1991 Oil on metal, metal lockets, brass stampings 44” x 33”


Memento, 1995 Oil on metal lockets, chain, charm, steel shelf 3” x 108” x 3”

Book of Life

Book of Life, 1992 Oil on metal lockets, steel table, chain 33-½” x 34” x 6”

False Selves

False Selves, 1992 Oil on copper, engraved brass, enameled frames 11” x 42”


Buttocks, 1989 Oil on panel, wood frame 26-½” x 30-¼”

Love Handle

Love Handle, 1992 Oil on copper, metal locket, antique metal castings 2-¾” x 9”