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The Look of Love, Traditional Home Magazine, April
Boettcher, Graham C., The Eyes Have It, Antiques & Fine Art, 12th Anniversary Issue

Oshiro, Joleen, Unique Perspectives, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, April 18
Grace, Shantel, Old Women and Odd Tongues, Honolulu Weekly, April 7
Goldberg, David A.M., Old Connections, Transformations, Honolulu Advertiser, March 14

Gustafson, Eleanor, The Present Learns from the Past: Eight Contemporary Artists and the Shelburne Museum, The Magazine Antiques, September

Douglas, Theo, Severed Thumb in a Pool of Blood (cover story), The District Weekly, November 28

Rea, Cynthia, Where Elmo Makes One Great Coat, Los Angeles Times, March 23
Pistor, Rahne, Top Stories: Toy-inspired exhibit is no child’s play at Ben Maltz Gallery in Westchester (cover story), The Argonaut, March 2
Showstoppers, Juxtapoz Magazine, Issue #64, May
Manhattan Art Salon Opening, The Rye (NY) Record, February 23
Carlson, Jen, Upcoming,, February 3

Solomon-Godeau, Abigail, ‘Signs of Age’ at the Contemporary Arts Forum, Art in America, July

Walcott, Ellison Austen, Creepy, Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, September 15
Bell, J. Bowyer, Creepy, Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, September 15
Murphy, Mary, Subversive Pleasures: Painting’s New Feminine Narrative, New Art Examiner, March
Simpson, Elizabeth, Exhibit elevates a mother’s fears to the level of art, The Virginian Pilot, January 21
Erickson, Mark St. John, ’B.A.B.Y.’ art is an exhibit that disturbs, Daily Press, February 9

Caught in the Web, The Advocate (Stamford, CT), December 4
Roberts-Pullen, Paulette, Oh, Baby, Style Weekly, October 1
Bullard, CeCe, Exhibit’s baby theme cries for attention, Richmond Times Dispatch, September 22
Plague (photo and caption), Harper’s Magazine, August
Matsufuji, Machiko, Elizabeth Berdann at Cristinerose Gallery, Art Club (Japanese art magazine), May/June
Codrington, Andrea, Don’t Look Now: The New Realism, Art & Auction, June

Watkins, Eileen, Native American and the modern share special space in Montclair, Sunday Star-Ledger, September 17
Andros, Jennifer, Bringing the elderly into an artistic focus, The North Jersey Herald & News, August 13; Green Brook (NJ) Journal, July 26; Warren-Watchung (NJ) Journal, July 26; The Chronicle (Bound Brook, NJ), July 26; South Plainfield (NJ) Reporter, July 26
Cotter, Holland, Art Review, The New York Times, July 14
Museum Show Focuses on the Elderly, Verona Cedar Grove Times (Verona, NJ), June 15
Artist profiles nursing home residents, Star Ledger (Newark, NJ), June 8
Levin, Kim, Voice Choices, The Village Voice, February 7

Harrison, Helen A., Life’s Riddles and the Clarity of Cameras, The New York Times, November 13
Lipson, Karin, Fifteen Views of Life From Birth to Death, Newsday, October 21
Rose, Joan, Art show more than the sum of its parts, The Honolulu Advertiser, September 4
Morgan, Ann Barclay, Bad Girls, Part 1, Art Papers, July & August
Stallings, Tyler, Bad Girls West, Art Papers, July & August
Bonetti, David, Gallery Watch, San Francisco Examiner, July 15
Jones, Amelia, Elizabeth Berdann, Art Issues, May/June
Heartney, Eleanor, Elizabeth Berdann…at Josh Baer, Art in America, May
Messing, Susan, It’s not easy being bad, On the Issues, June-August
Gamerman, Amy, ’Bad Girls’ Make ‘Bad’ Art, The Wall Street Journal, March 30; Asian Wall Street Journal, April 1
Bad Girls Conquer the World,  Flash Art, March/April
Lumpkin, Libby, Bad Girls West, Art Issues, March/April
Bad Girls, Trazos, Edicion 18, March
Baker, Kenneth, Bad Girls in N.Y., San Francisco Chronicle, February 27
Plagens, Peter, Bad Girls for Goodness’ Sake, Newsweek, February 14
Baker, Kenneth, Bad Girls Do Cry, San Franscisco Chronicle, February 13
Glueck, Grace, A Broader View of Feminism, The New York Observer, February 7
McConaughy, Claire, Bad Girls Part 1, Cover Magazine, February
Pedersen, Victoria, Gallery Go ‘Round, Paper Magazine, February
Hollander, Reineke, Nieuwe kunst van stoute meisjes, MRC-Handelsblad, February 5
Campbell, Clayton, See Them Roar, L.A. Reader, February 4
Goings On About Town, The New Yorker, January 25
Zimmerman, David, A Good Time With ‘Bad Girls’, USA Today, January 27
Cavazos, Nicole, Feminist Rage, Daily Bruin, January 25
Smith, Roberta, A Raucous Caucus of Feminists Being Bad, The New York Times, January 21
Donohue, Marlena, Feminist exhibit at UCLA takes look at ‘Bad Girls’, Santa Monica Outlook, January 21; Daily Breeze (Torrance, CA, January 21; San Pedro (CA) News-Pilot, January 21, 1994
Drohojowska-Philp, Hunter, And When They Were Bad…, Los Angeles Times, January 16
Rich, B. Ruby, Bad Girl Art, Elle Magazine, January

Levin, Kim, Voice Choices, The Village Voice, December 28
Grisham, Esther, Cutting Bait, Dialogue, September
Morrison, Mandy, Cutting Bait, Chicago Reader, June 11
Clemmer, David, Eye on the Figure, THE Magazine, April
Condon, Elisabeth, Small, Really Small, Tiny, New Art Examiner, March
Watkins, Eileen, Painters use their brushes to dissect human body, The Sunday Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), February 21
Raynor, Vivien, Body Parts Provide Artists with Theme, The New York Times, February 14

Huntington, Richard, Object Choice, The Buffalo News, December 8
Mesch, Claudia, Power Play, New Art Examiner, September
Grisham, Esther, Power Play, Dialogue, May/June
McCracken, David, Gallery Scene, Chicago Tribune, February 14
Sperling, Tamira, Exhibit challenges sexual stereotypes, Art+Performance, February 14

Peattie, Tara, Picks, New York Press, May 29-June 4
Miller, Donald, Figures for Imagination, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 12

Zimmer, William, 50 Artists Reunited at Bronx Museum, The New York Times, August 5
Tallmer, Jerry, The women who paint men, New York Post, February 9

Redd, Adrienne, A Heartfelt Look at War, Easton (PA) Express, March 25
Redd, Adrienne, War Show, Bethlehem (PA) Globe-Times, March 31



B.A.B.Y., Hand Workshop Art Center and Virginia Beach Center for the Arts

Stavitsky, Gail, Elizabeth Berdann, Montclair Art Museum

Bad Girls, New Museum of Contemporary Art and MIT Press
Sum of the Parts, University of Hawaii
Shaw, Karen, The Riddle of the Sphinx, Islip Art Museum
The New Museum Views, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Vol. 1, No. 4, Winter

Berdann, Elizabeth, Thirteen Terrors: the book, Limited edition artist’s book, Heliopolis Press
McCorkle, Corey, Cutting Bait, Randolph Street Gallery
Major Medical, City Without Walls

Day, Ken Gonzales, and Perchuk, Andrew, Object Choice, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Update 1992, White Columns
Fernandes, Joyce, Power Play, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Amethyst, Southeast Arts, Media and Education Project, Number 7, Spring/Summer

Artist in the Marketplace: Ninth Annual Exhibition, Bronx Museum of the Arts

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